Welcome Sophomores

Here is helpful information for you during your Sophomore year in high school

PSAT Test - PLEASE SIGN UP in the Fall as soon as you hear the announcement for it!
This test is the Preliminary SAT test. The PSAT will be a good indicator of your SAT score! See Mrs. Minnick to sign up. If your score is high on the PSAT, you may be a semi-finalist or finalist and win scholarships. Two students from Weatherly have been finalists in recent years. Jeremy Leach, Class of 2005 and Chris Hunt, Class of 2012. Both were offered a full scholarship to a university.

Interested in hearing college lectures on subjects you are interested in? Check out these sites:

On iTunes, scroll down to the very bottom to find iTunes University or click here: iTunesU

Still not sure what you want to major in when you go to college? Check out these career/personality tests!
These are just a few of the online quizzes you can take to learn more about you and good career choices. See if they help you, but remember, they are online quizzes so their value will only be to give you ideas! If you are asked to pay money, please do not pay unless you have your parent's permission.

Career Tests When you finish the test, look to the right and see other tests you might like to take. The more you know about yourself, the better your choices will be. Also, please bring in your results and I'll copy them for your file!
Personality Type Quiz

Career/School Quiz