Welcome Mighty Seniors!

This is meeting place for great minds in the Senior class

First, be sure to sign up to take the SAT in the fall of this year, especially if you are not happy with your scores. Next, see Mrs. Leach for resources to prepare you for the SAT or ACT. Below are helpful links for you as you apply to colleges

Getting ready for college:

  1. Check to see if your schools require a "Common Application" for College. If so, begin to work on it and also save a copy for yourself in case it is lost.
  2. Get a file on your desktop to keep all your applications and essays in one place. Many essay questions are similar and you will not have to retype essays, just tweak them for each application. Also, remember to not delete the file throughout college years, you will be applying for scholarships and again, your information will be ready to use when needed.
  3. There are lots of scholarships out there, some are unusual but you might qualify for them. Look for any connection to your work, your families' work or even your last name. A link for scholarships is below but there are many others.
  4. If you are looking into a military academy, now is the time to get your letters from our Congressmen
  5. TAKE THE SAT SOON! Remember, this may open doors for your future. I have a lot of material for you to borrow to help you ace the SAT!
  6. Be sure to check out Honors Colleges within the college you are applying to. There are perks to being in the program and you will meet students who are similar to you.

Interested in hearing college lectures on subjects you are interested in? Check out these sites:


Want to take a virtual tour of a college? Check out UVisit.com

School transcripts stored online can be accessed and shared with colleges. There is a calculator, "What If" that will see how much a higher SAT score or an A in Biology would help your admissions chances!

This site advertises that they have a better way to find the perfect college! On this site you can create a personal profile with noteworthy accomplishments, then notify colleges of interest. There is also a "What Are My Chances" calculator.

Still not sure what you want to major in when you go to college? Check out these career/personality tests from the BBC!
Career Tests When you finish the test, look to the right and see other tests you might like to take. The more you know about yourself, the better your choices will be. Also, please bring in your results and I'll copy them for your file!
Other tests you might enjoy, but remember, they are for ideas, do not pay them money!
Personality Type Quiz
Career/School Quiz