Welcome Gifted Juniors!!

Now is the time to seriously look at different universities to narrow down choices for next year. At this point, you might not have any idea what you would like to major in or where you would like to attend for your undergraduate studies. Below are helpful links for you. Also, Mrs. Leach has many resources to prepare for the SAT and ACT. See her as soon as possible to get ready for the SAT/ACT.

How to Choose a College:
From NPR - Start at question #8 in September 2012

From about.com

From Fox News

Put in quotes...
"Should I go to .....?"

PSAT Test - If you did not take the SAT yet, sign up for this in September!
This test is the Preliminary SAT test. See Mr. Miller to sign up.

Interested in hearing college lectures on subjects you are interested in? Check out these sites:

On iTunes, scroll down to the very bottom to find iTunesU

Still not sure what you want to major in when you go to college? Check out these career/personality tests from the BBC!
Career Tests When you finish the test, look to the right and see other tests you might like to take. The more you know about yourself, the better your choices will be. Also, please bring in your results and I'll copy them for your file!
Other tests you might enjoy, but remember, they are for ideas, do not pay them money!
Personality Type Quiz
Career/School Quiz

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