Weatherly Area School District is no longer supporting the Enrichment Program each month, but students are participating in events and activities which were previously a part of the Enrichment Program. This page will be maintained for students to use and enjoy!

Here is the list of websites visited during our time together! The goal of our enrichment program is to encourage the love of learning in our students who have shown a love for learning in their classroom.

The Enrichment Schedule for 2012-2013:
September 26th - "Dot Day"

October 17th

November 14th (Elementary 1 was postponed until November 28th - 3 students were absent on Nov. 14th!)

December 12th

January 16th Snow Day!!, Postoned to January 30th

February 20th, changed from February 13th

March 20th, changed from March 13th

April 30th, changed from April 17th


Here is the list of sites for "Free Agent Learners":

Enrichment for 2011-2012 School Year