Welcome to the Elementary/Middle School Gifted/Highly Capable Program at Weatherly!

Our program has made significant changes to comply with the gifted regulations for gifted students in Pennsylvania. In past years, we have had "Enrichment" pull-out programs for our gifted and highly capable students but our focus has changed to fully develop curriculum changes to meet specific needs for our gifted. Groups of gifted and highly capable students still meet and participate in activities listed below, but these students are selected by teachers in the regular education classroom and work with Dr. Leach.


  • eCybermission Competition
  • American Legion Essay contest
  • Poetry Outload
  • Verizon App Challenge
  • Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge
  • Project SAGE
  • Smithsonian Badges
  • Earth Science Week Visual Arts Challenge
  • PBS Kids Go Writing Contest
  • Math Madness Challenge
  • American Mathematics Competition 8
  • American Mathematics Competition 10
  • American mathematics Competition 12
  • Bloomsburg High School Math Competition
  • Bucknell Gold Math Exam
  • TEAMS (JETS) Engineering Competition
  • Purple Comet Math Competition
  • Radon Poster Contest

Higher Level Appropriate Books for Elementary Students: